Solar System Wiring & Installation Circuit Diagram – 12V And 24V

This article is about different solar system wiring and installations with diagrams provided. The contents include a list of all circuit diagrams for various systems like 24 v and 12 v. Before going there, the most important thing to know is to know general requirements for the installation of a solar system installation which are: […]

How do you install a tankless hot water heater?

How to install a tankless hot water heater? Yes, installation charges of tankless water heaters is on the higher side and will set you back by around 1000 dollars. But there’s a reason for it, tankless water heater installation involves installing large gas pipe lines, exhaust systems and working with high voltage electric lines. We […]

How much does it cost to install a gas tankless water heater?

The pace at which technology is advancing today, devices which are just a few years old have become obsolete today. And one such device is the conventional storage type water heater which soon may become a thing of the past. They are being rapidly replaced by new state-of-the-art tankless water heaters. They are energy efficient […]

Are tankless water heaters more energy efficient?

Are Tankless water heaters more energy efficient compare to Tank Water heater? There are always apprehensions when we move to newer and updated technology. And it’s no different when we tell people to upgrade to tankless water heaters. When we suggest tankless water heaters to our friends and readers, the first question that comes up […]

How does a tankless water heater work?

Tankless water heaters as the name suggests are basically water heaters without a storage tank. Also called as instant or demand-based water heaters heat and provide hot water as and when required, thus reducing standby heat loss and reducing energy bills. So a let’s take a look how exactly these modern water heaters work. As the tankless water […]