Best 40 Gallons Electric Water Heater

40 Gallons Electric Water Heater Reviews

Do you often feel bored to take a bath especially in winter? If yes, then the main reason will not be anything other than the thrilled feeling of cold water. Well, people whose houses are well equipped with good and smart water heaters might not be sailing in your boat. Why do you wish to suffer when you have myriad of options to install a considerable size water heaters available at amazingly affordable prices? Our team of experts gave a lot of time in researching the best possible electric water heater options for you, which will fit your pocket and size both.

The five best 40 Gallons Electric Water Heaters

Reliance 6 40 EORS 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater

If you wish to squeeze your pocket and are looking for a study and affordable electric water heater, then reliance 40 gallon electric water heater is the deadliest choice for you. With the capacity of catering a family of 2-3 members, the 40 gallon tank can provide on demand water heater up to 3 showers.

The tank is protected against corrosion as it is glass lined with anode rods. The tank and the parts are covered under the company warranty for a long period of 6 years. What more would you demand from a medium range electric water heater. For the price paid, you are getting the best of the facilities. Not only the electric water heater is good but it is an eco-friendly heating unit as well. You may worry about the sediments getting jammed in the tank but the heater has the self-cleaning process which directly increases the life of the tank.

This electric water heater is ideal for nuclear families and places where on demand hot water is required in small quantities. Places like house boat cabinets, individual hotel rooms, etc. are the best spaces where this heater would fit aptly.×22-Inch/dp/B00SVJGKQA

Westinghouse 40 Gallons Electric water heater

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is an American company renowned for its water heating units. This 40 gallons hot water heater electric is a bit expensive than the previously discussed Reliance hot water heater but this will provide you the excellent features for the price you paid. This electric water heater comes with a lifetime warranty. The faux stainless steel finish on the heater provides the heater with an aesthetic look.

This 40 gallon electric water heater is huge in size and it can easily suffice a family of 5 members with requirement of on demand water heater all the day long. The electric water heater from Westinghouse is designed with great care and made up of high-quality material. The stainless steel elements prevent corrosion and thus increase the life of the hot water heater. The stainless steel tank also resists lime scale build up and hence the maintenance cost is reduced too. The price of the water heater may sound large for you but it is highly affordable for the qualities and features that are attached to it.

A O Smith ENS-40 Pro Max 40 Gallons Electric Hot Water Heater

This pro max family of AO smith 40 gallon electric water heaters is one of the best in the market and is proved for its unmatched value and efficiency. This 40 gallons electric water heater stands up on all the meticulous parameters of energy efficiency put forth by the department of energy.

Once you have this 40 gallons electric hot water heater installed at your place, you will have on demand hot water every time you need. Unlike your previous traditional water heater, this A O Smith 40 gallons electric hot water heater will not let the lime and sediments sit inside and hence your electric water heater will have a long life. It is a durable water heater with temper resistant brass valve. The steel tank is covered with permaglas glass coating which will protect the steel tank from corrosion and hence will add more life to the tank. If you are looking for a high-end, robust electric water heater with good size then this should be your first choice.

Rheem water heaters dominate the market but this AO smith electric water heater will perform even perform better than the Rheem 40 gallons electric water heater.

Westinghouse WER040C2X055N06 40 Gallons Electric Water HeaterĀ 

This is another 40 gallons electric water heater with amazing features at an affordable price. Along with the easy installation, the heating unit has low cost of maintenance. The size of the tank is 40 Gallons which would suffice if your family has 3-4 members. Your family will always have on demand and constant hot water whenever they need. This heating unit will also save you a lot on your utility bills as the unit comes with an energy factor of 95.

This is definitely an ideal option for your nuclear family and for the price paid nothing can be better than this 40 gallon water heater electric unit. It has a huge capacity to deliver 64 gallons of on demand hot water in the very first hour of usage. This is an amazing capacity in this range of electric water heaters.

Why Electric Water heaters are Better?

If you ask an expert while changing your heating unit, he will advise you to go for an electric water heater over other traditional or gas water heaters. Electric water heaters do save you on your utility bills and along with that you are free from the hassles of gas pumping.

The installation of an electric hot water heater is quite easy and the manual that comes along with the unit is just sufficient for you to attach the unit. The electric water heaters are always better than other hot water heaters in the following terms:

  1. The installation is quite easy and you need not call any expert for it.
  2. These units are little less bulky than the heaters that run on gas.
  3. You are free from the trouble of taking any gas line for the water heater.
  4. These heating units are affordable as compared to other traditional water heaters.
  5. The life of the contemporary electric water heaters is more and also the companies are giving a good warranty period on the tank and other spare parts.

The Final Verdict

Regardless of what people say, you should be able to take your decision based on your experience and the 40 gallon electric water heaters reviews given by the experts. Your family is the most important to you and you know better what they need.

These 40 gallons electric water heaters reviews have been compiled by our experts with great care. A lot of detail has been paid to each of the features to present you with the best 4 electric water heaters for your households. Choose the best, stay safe and we wish you best luck for your purchase.

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