Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Reviews

Do you feel your heater is not providing on demand hot water as it used to before? Or is your faucet taking too much time to provide constant water heater, and you feel the size of the water heater tank is just not sufficient for your family? If you stuck with all these concerns, then this article by our team of experts will surely help you.

Considering that you will need on demand hot water at multiple showers, faucets, kitchen sinks, laundry area, and dishwashing and may be more, our experts have gathered the best on demand 50 gallon electric water heater reviews.

Best four 50 gallon electric water heaters

A.O. Smith Pro Max electric water heater 50 gallon

This pro max family of electric water heaters is one of the best in the market and is proved for its unmatched value and efficiency. This AO smith 50 gallon electric water heater stands up on all the meticulous parameters of energy efficiency put forth by the department of energy.

Once you have this unit installed at your place, you will have on demand hot water every time you need. Unlike your previous traditional water heater, this electric water heater will not let the lime and sediments sit inside and hence your electric water heater will have a long life. It is a durable water heater with temper resistant brass valve. The steel tank is covered with permaglas glass coating which will protect the steel tank from corrosion and hence will add more life to the tank. If you are looking for a high-end, robust electric water heater with good size then this should be your first choice.

Not only the A.O. Smith 50 gallon electric water heater is robust and sturdy but its elegant, innovative and tall design enhances the look of your walls. And so there are no loopholes which make you take a back step in purchasing this heating unit.

Rheem MR50245 Electric Water Heater 50 Gallons

Rheem water heaters have always made a mark with their various heating units. This very model of 50 gallon hot water heater from Rheem is not only affordable and efficient but it is the only non-metallic water heater made from a long-lasting plastic material which has got the longest warranty of 6 years. It will not be wrong to say that this is one of the best 50 gallon electric water heaters in market.

The upper element of the water heater is thermally fused and so it is completely protected against dry saves your energy up to 90%. It is tall, dark, handsome water heater for your ever beautiful house. With this hot water heater at your place, you will never fell short of hot water, regardless of how many showers and faucets are working simultaneously. Apart from its inner strength, the outer shell is also made up of tough molded polyethene that resists scratches, dents and salt air. Overall it is a good choice.

The water heater from the house of Rheem is always meticulously tested against all the industry standards and so they prove to be always better than the other water heaters available in the market.

Reliance 12-50-EARS100 50 Gallon Water Heater Electric

The Reliance 50 gallons electric water is a solid choice for your house. Our experts say it so as it comes with 12 years warranty on tank and parts, which quite good for this category of hot water heaters. At the rise of 90 degrees the hot water flow provided by the heater is 25 gallons per hour. Also, it has a great energy saving factor of .95.

Most of the water heaters from Reliance come with self-cleaning features that will take out the stress of maintenance out of your head. The hot water heaters from reliance come with innovative design and technology that will make you believe it to be the best brand for water heaters in the market. The installation of these electric water heaters are hassle free and can be done without a need of an expert. Reliance 50 gallons electric water heater is a devil if you own a house which requires 3-4 hot water showers running simultaneously. This is an electric water heater with the best and innovative features and one of its kinds in the market.

Westinghouse Residential 52 Gallons Water Heater Electric

This is the most robust and sturdy electric water heater as per our review experts. This is actually 52 gallons electric water heater and is highly efficient for residential heating purposes. Once your register yourself online to purchase the heating unit you are eligible for a limited period lifetime warranty. The energy factor of the heating unit is 94 which is huge given its features and power consumption

This is a lightweight heavy duty electric water heater which is designed to save you a lot on your utility and maintenance bills. The 50 gallon hot water heater not only provides on demand and constant water heater but also it provides you control over the temperature settings to make you comfortable with the heating demands. The water heater is constructed of high-quality material to provide you with the best heating experience. The laser welded, 316L stainless steel tank is going to last longer and shall eliminate the use of anode rods. The heater also prevents the lime scale build up and hence it will be suitable even in regions with hard water.

How does an Electric Water Heater Work

Generally, electric water heaters utilise one or two heating devices. The heating devices may be at the top of on either side immersed in water. The best that an electric water heater can provide is dry fire protection. This means the upper element of the heater can detect of the surrounding water coming is hot or cold; and if it is hot it can switch off the heating unit automatically so as to prevent the unit burning out.

A few water heaters use anode rods, may be one or two and these anode rods wither with time as the metal rod goes through a chemical process in order to cut down on the corrosion in the heater’s tank.

Electric water heaters are generally accepted all over the world because of ease of installation and the on demand water it provides. Electric water heaters are any day better than the traditional water heaters and they have a longer life than other hot water heaters.

The Final Verdict

When you decide to change your current heating system, it is always a tough call to take on which one would be the most appropriate water heater for your place. You should always take the size, the quality, price and 50 gallon electric water heater reviews given by experts into account and decide on the best hot water heater for your family.

Your family security and safety is always in our minds and so our team of experts pay a great deal of attention while preparing these reviews. The ultimate goal is to present you with the exact data which shall help you buy the best electric water heater.


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