Best Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews

I am sure when the question of changing water heater comes to your mind, the brands you will look at will be Rheem, Noritz, or Titan; but Eemax? Did you ever hear of it? The reason that Eemax is less popular than its other counterparts is, it is a new player in the market but it is making a big leap forward. It is gradually marking itself in the water heater industry and creating a perpetual impression on the customers.

There have been a lot of Eemax tankless water heater reviews from the experts all over. So we decided to review it ourselves. Eemax tankless water heaters are considered to be powerful and long-lasting. We present you with some of the best Eemax water heaters that will surely suit your on demand hot water requirements.

The 5 top-rated Eemax tankless water heaters reviews

Eemax SP2412 Tankless Water Heater

The Eemax tankless water heaters have made a mark in the industry by infusing the water heaters with extremely innovative technology. In fact the technology they use is considered to be the best in the market so far. The Eemax tankless water heaters are proudly manufactured in USA and it meets all the American standards.

The Eemax SP2412 is a point of use water heater, appropriate for anything that starts from dishwashing, laundry to kitchen sinks. The heating unit is extremely easy to install without any need of T and P valve. There is only one cold water line that comes to your point of use. The dimensions of the on demand hot water heater are 10.75 x 5.25 x 3 inches. So the water heater is really cute and compact to be able to fit in a dashboard as well. It is 99% energy efficient and cuts a lot on the energy costs. The reason being when the flow switch is activated it only heats the water on demand and the energy is saved.

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Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater

This is a sibling unit of the heating device discussed above. It has all the same features as discussed in Eemax SP2412 tankless water heater review. Although Eemax is a new name in the market but the innovative technology it uses is just the best.

Eemax is getting nearer to become a leader in manufacturing tankless water heaters and although they look small but the heating unit is extremely sturdy. It is appropriate to be used for your regular dishwashing, laundry and kitchen sink. It is capable of handling your regular morning rush of washing utensils, laundry and kitchen cleaning.

It will utilize just 120 Volts of your power and the unit is 99% energy efficient. If you worried till now over your utility bills, then the worries will fizzle out soon once you get this unit at your place. It is an affordable on demand water heater and no hot water heater can beat it for the size and capacity provided. If you were looking for a robust and sturdy point of use water heater then your search should come to an end.

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Eemax SP35 Tankless Water Heater

The Eemax tankless water heaters from this series are specially designed for point of use on demand heating purposes. This tankless water heater are appropriate for dishwashing, laundry and bar sink and also opt for multiple lavatory.

This eemax hot water heater is found to be with the heating power of 3.5 KW and along with the consistency and capability it saves 99% of your energy. Your monthly utility bill will surely come down once you get this at your place. The everyday morning rush of dishwashing, laundry etc. when everyone is running for work, this on demand hot water heater will cater to all your needs. The eemax tankless water heater will provide an endless supply of hot water anytime and anywhere you need. The dimensions are so compact that the unit can be practically fit anywhere.

It is an indoor unit without adjustable temperature limit. The unit is as safe as any other point of use hot water heater available in the market. This low flow unit is extremely affordable and is surely going to suit your budget.

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Eemax HA008240 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Eemax tankless water heaters provide 99 percent thermal efficiency and this electric tankless water heater minimise your stand by heat loss. This clearly means that you do not have to spend your energy in storing a huge amount of hot water. The eemax water heaters save energy and thus you are reducing a lot on your carbon footprint. The tankless water heaters are point of use water heaters are to be installed near the showers and faucets. So these heating devices are made with such precision that it will not cover much of your space. The compact heating unit can be wall mounted and can be fitted anywhere you want.

Talking about some specific features of eemax HA008240 tankless water heater, it is highly durable and the heating elements can be replaced with ease. It also has a control knob to adjust the water temperature with an increment of 1 degree. Along with these, it has a digital temperature display that helps you to check the temperature before you use your hot water.

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Eemax EMT6 6 Gallon Capacity Electric Mini-Tank

Well, for a change we have brought here an electric water heater from eemax with a mini tank. The tank size is 6 gallons and it is cute little electric water heater appropriate to be used under sink. The mini tank utilizes 120 V power and it features an elegant design and a classy finish.

The dimensions of the hot water is 18 x 15.75 x 15.5 inches and it surely a little on bigger side as compared to the other units discussed above. It is to be noted that those units were tankless and this water heater comes with a tank. You will have a t and p valve along with the packaging and the installation is very easy. For the capacity, it is a compact and space saving water heater which will largely fit under most of the sinks. It can cater to your on demand hot water needs for your kitchen sink, bathroom sink and any other point of use place.

The water heaters from eemax are manufactured in USA and stand upright on all the industry standards. It has received accolades from the customers and this unit is worth a try.

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The Final Verdict

Eemax water heaters are definitely new in the market and not as popular as the water heaters from Rheem, Noritz and other brands, but the eemax water heaters have received accolades for the efficient on demand heating devices it provided to its customers. The eemax tankless water heater reviews by our review experts have been prepared keeping in mind your needs and comfort at the same time.

We know that you trust our word and hence, all these reviews come from personal experiences and the reviews are completely trust worthy.  Eemax water heaters are really powerful and affordable. These heating units are worth a spin this season.


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