Bradford White Water Heater Reviews for 2018 (Buying Guide)

While the market is abuzz with several brands and models with different capacities and other technical specifications, finding your perfect hot water heater may still be a task. That is why, it is recommended that you must check Bradford White water heater reviews by users. The reviews help you not only ensure that you are making the right choice but also that you have considered all the parameters that are significant for such decision making.



The Bradford White water heater reviews on most consumer support portals and e-commerce portals will give you an honest insight into the product and the service. Bradford water heater reviews are good for knowing how the after sales service works when needed. That, no doubt, is an important part of buying a product like Bradford White water heater.

As the chilling winter approaches, we normally run to check our bathrooms and see whether the water heaters are working properly or not. I do not think anyone who is reading this will not be concerned over the hot water heaters in their homes.

For me, hot water heaters should be durable and sturdy. Why do we have to check it every time and take pains to call up the company for a service? I believe that one should go for such a kind of water heater that will last in your bathrooms forever. If we are on the same page then I do have a suggestion for you. This winter bring home Bradford White water heaters. Okay if you really do not agree to what I say; I shall help you select one on the basis of Bradford White water heater reviews.

Bradford White water heaters are available in configurations for different residential usages . The hot water heaters are offered with different fuel sources like natural gas, propane gas, electric, oil and solar.

Here we will look at the most efficient Bradford White water heater reviews

Bradford white 40 gallon water heater transfers direct heat with immersed elements. This very model of the company offers specialized Vitraglas lining which is combined with its Hydrojet Total Performance system. It is a GAMA certified machine and weighs 103 pounds.

bradford white water heater

In fact, you can learn a lot about this product’s advantages and suitability for a given setup once you check out the Bradford White 40 gallon gas water heater reviews on consumer portals. You will then learn from the Bradford white electric water heater reviews that this product is a real winner in this category. The brand aims at providing durable products to the customers so that they get more value for the money paid. This machine is the best in Electric 40 Gallons hot water tanks.

Bradford white electric hot water heater reviews suggest that this product is high on quality and the users’ trust has been great. Therefore, it is worth the price as once it is installed you will be free of all your worries.

Electric water heaters were once considered the most comfortable and safe ones, but now the trend is changed and hot water heaters that run on natural gas are in vogue. Bradford white gas water heater reviews suggest that this shift of trend has been loved and backed by the users.

Bradford white 40 gallon gas water heater has extra insulation which gives you the most effective heating. The combustion of the heater is closed and it uses outer air for combustion.

bradford white water heater reviews

A few other features you will find in Bradford white water 40 gallon gas heater are:

  • Factory Installed Hydrojet Total performance system
  • Vitraglas lining

This hot heater has got altitude specifications if the application is to be done 2000 meters above the sea level.

Bradford white gas water heater reviews give a clear indication that although Bradford White gas water heater are priced on the higher side, the value it provides is unmatched with any other water heater in this segment. If you think it is expensive, then I would say yes it definitely is but as they say, diamonds can never be cheap.

This is a high end hot water heater and is used at extremely high altitudes. For heaters to be installed at high altitudes, the heater needs to be energy star compliant. Well this Bradford White 50 gallons gas water heater is energy star compliant and saves great amount of energy. The weight of the heater is 160 pounds and it comes in sturdy packaging too.

bradford white water heater age

Bradford white 50 gallon gas water heater reviews suggest that it is one of the best water heaters available in the market. And if you compare the price of other water heaters with this one you would find this loaded with more features. The users who have shared Bradford white 50 gallon gas water heater reviews also point out that bradford white electric hot water heater reviewsat the same price, Bradford White is offers you better services than the other competitor brands.

  • Where are Bradford white hot water heaters made?

    Bradford White Hot Water Heaters are made with great pride in America.

    Headquarter: Ambler, Pennsylvania

    Their manufacturing facilities are based out of:

    1. Middleville, and
    2. Michigan

    Bradford has also grown through acquiring companies with their manufacturing facilities in America, like:

    1. Laars heating systems in Rochester, New Hampshire
    2. Niles steel tank in Niles, Michigan


  • Life Span of Bradford White Water Heaters  (Age)

I would just like to bring to your notice that Bradford white hot water heater age is more than the other hot water heaters available in the market. You just need to install it and forget it for lifetime.

The Bradford White Water Heater shall easily last for 10-15 good years in your house. You might have to call an expert to install it but once you do it the lifeline of these water heaters are too long.

Who knows that your grand children too might use the same heater after years.

  • How do you drain a Bradford White Water Heater?

    Periodical draining of Bradford White Water Heater is a good practice to easily maintain your heating unit. Draining the appliance helps against deposition, which in long run affect the performance of the water heater and in some cases, can even create rumbling noise. Draining a Bradford White Water Heater is easy and can be handled without an expert technician in following simple steps:

    1. Turn on the gas water heater while turning off the gas valve. In case of an electric water heater, do so while turning off the electricity supply.
    2. Turn off the supply of cold water.
    3. Turn on one of the hot water outlets.
    4. Attach a hose to the drain valve of the water heater and allow it to drain.
    5. The drain valve has to be opened to ensure complete drainage.
    6. Turn on the supply of cold water to the water heater.
    7. Let the inlet cold water run through the drain valve by water heater for around 10 minutes.
    8. Let the tank refill by closing the drain valve while the hot water outlet is still open. Once the water starts flowing out of the hot water outlet, the water heater tank is full.

    By following these simple steps, you will be able to drain the Bradford White Water Heater easily.


  •  How do you tell the age of water heater?

    The age of water heater can be found by reading the rating plate of a hot water heater. It carries the date of manufacture along with other important technical specifications. The rating plate on Bradford white water heaters are by far, the most difficult to decode. They have encoded year in the first letter of serial number while the second letter denotes the month of manufacturing. These codes work in the following way:

    For year (first letter of serial number) – G =1990 …. D = 2007

    The cycle of code keeps getting repeated, thereafter.

    For month (second letter of serial number) – A = January …. M = December

  • Bradford White water heater prices (in General)

Again I would say take an expensive one but a durable one for the least and Bradford White Water heaters just puts up to my words. As I said you would find these Bradford White Water heaters a little expensive than the other water heaters available in the market. On one can find all the varieties and can check the prices as well. The normal range of price for a Bradford White water heater will be $ 1500 – $ 3000 for a residential water heater. As you go for a better and better quality the prices shall go up for a professional hot water heater.

  • The Spare Parts Of The Ultimate Water Heater

Whenever you buy any electronic item, you should always be aware of where you would get the spare parts of the item purchased. Am I right? 90% of you will agree with this. I have done a little research and found out that apart from its official website and agency dealer, these spare parts are easily available on and See more tankless water heater reviews here.

Here We are adding FAQ’s related Tankless Water heater:

  • Conclusion

For the best heater to keep you warm during your mornings and provide you a cozy bath at night, shell out a little more from your pocket and get the Bradford White Water Heater. Looking for comparison of various brands of electrical tankless hot water heater then see here.

I also agree that it is not easy to shell out the extra penny when you have already set a budget for yourself. Trust me; this extra money you will pay is for your life or rather a secured life. Also find some good bradford RV tankless water heater reviews here.


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