How do you clean a tankless water heater?

How to clean a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters are built to last any 20+ years, but that depends on how often and how you maintain and clean the heater. Let’s a take a look at the steps in cleaning a tankless water heater and things are that are to be kept in mind while cleaning.

11 Steps to clean a tankless water heater?

  • As with cleaning of any electrical appliance, first cut-off the power supply (both electrical and gas supply in case of gas powered heaters) and please double check to make sure the power supply is cut-off before moving ahead with the cleaning.
  • Next make sure to close the water inlet valve that brings cold water to the heater. Please refer to your manufacturer manual to identify the valves.
  • Remove the purge valve to release any pressure that is built inside the vales.
  • Handle the caps and valves carefully so that the rubber washer sealing discs remain in place.
  • You will require a small circulation or sump pump and connecting hose for flushing. Connect the output of the pump to the cold water hose.
  • Most probably you will be using the water heater for your drinking and bathing needs as well, so we advise you to use undiluted food grade white vinegar as a cleaning agent. Usage of any other chemical cleaners should be strictly avoided.
  • Pour 4-5 gallons of vinegar in a bucket, and place the drain hose of the heater and inlet hose of the pump in the bucket.
  • Also refer to the manual for instructions on the flushing operation. Open the valves and run the pump for 30-40 minutes continuously.
  • Once the flushing is done, remove the pump and drain the vinegar from the heater. Allow fresh cold water to run for 5 mintues so that any traces of vinegar is removed. Also make sure to clean the screen filter of dirt or sludge.
  • Turn on the valves and run any hot water faucet to check any leak in the system.
  • Once you are sure there aren’t any leaks, switch on the power supplies and set the desired temperature in the thermostat.

 Your tankless water heater should be good to go now. In case of any deterioration or below par performance, contact the product support team. Few people have question like Are Tankless water heaters more energy efficient compare to Tank Water heater? Then read here. Check 50 gallon electric tankless water heater reviews here.

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