How much is a tankless water heater?

What is the cost of tankless water heater?

This is quite a common question that comes up on the minds of homeowners who are planning to replace or upgrade to modern tankless water heaters. So, let’s take a look at how much do these tankless water heaters actually cost excluding the installation charges (discussed in another topic).

Broadly speaking, tankless water heaters cost anywhere between 100 dollars to all the way up to 2000$ (Yes, that’s quite a costly affair for hot waterJ). The price of tankless water heaters vary depending upon the energy efficiency, power source (electric or gas), hot water output flow rate, brand and build quality.

Generally, gas powered tankless water heaters tend to be costlier that the electric powered ones. Most of the reputed brands offer both gas-powered and electric-powered variants.

A good quality electric tankless water heater should cost you around 500-700 dollars. On the other-hand a gas-powered tankless water heater, from a reputable brand, should cost you 1000 dollars or more. Check Bradford White water heater prices to understand this.

There are also cheaper options available in the market for around 200 dollars. But on flip side they don’t come with warranty. So, if you are looking for short term solutions you can go for the cheaper variants.

One should take into account various consideration before making a choice between gas or electric powered tankless water heaters. Gas powered heaters are costlier than their electric-powered counterparts due to internal operating mechanisms. Currently gas is available cheaper than an electricity and that’s one factor that may influence your choice.

Although gas powered tankless water heaters are cheaper to operate compared to the electric ones, the energy efficiency of electric powered tankless water heaters would make up for the difference in fuel cost. Gas powered heaters heat quickly and have an output of more 12gallons per minute, which makes them a good option for large families.

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