How do you install a tankless hot water heater?

How to install a tankless hot water heater?

Yes, installation charges of tankless water heaters is on the higher side and will set you back by around 1000 dollars. But there’s a reason for it, tankless water heater installation involves installing large gas pipe lines, exhaust systems and working with high voltage electric lines. We highly recommend getting the installation done by an expert rather than taking chances. If you still want to Do It Yourself (DIY), we have you covered with the below installation instructions. 

Read Steps to understand installation of tankless water heater

  • First make sure to close the valve of the main water supply of your house
  • Detach water inlet connection from your old water heater. Make sure to drain the residual water from the inlet pipe.
  • Make sure to disconnect the power source from the old heater. In case of a gas powered heater close the inlet gas valve, and for electric powered ones unplug the main power source.
  • Discard the old water heater making sure to comply with the local law.
  • Keep the manufacturer manual by your side and go through the manual carefully before proceeding with the installation, and have the necessary hardware stocked as instructed in the manual.
  • Make markings on the wall to make sure the heater is mounted in the correct position per manual.
  • Now that the heater is mounted in its place, time to get it connected with the pipes.

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  • If it’s a gas powered heater, install ventilation ducts which normally is a stainless steel flue.
  • Now connect the water inlet and outlet ports to the heater to the water source and faucet/shower head respectively using special union connectors.
  • Once the water connections are in place, connect the gas inlet port to your gas source with connectors. Make sure the rubber sealants on connectors are in place. This avoids any leakage.
  • In case of an electric powered unit, simply plug it to an electrical outlet plug on the wall.
  • Once all the connections are done, open the gas and water inlet valves. Make sure there is no leakage of water or gas.
  • Light the pilot on the gas water heater as per instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Set the desired temperature on the thermostat, and now you are all set to enjoy your soothing hot water shower.

How long does it take to put in a new water heater?

The time needed to install a new water heater depends on factors like:

  1. If it is a replacement activity or installation in a new facility like home or office
  2. If the new water heater is the same as the older one or a new model has been chosen

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The entire set of activities, however, include the following timelines:

  1. Removal of the old heating unit (60 minutes). This typically includes disconnecting the unit from source of power, draining the tank and disconnection of water supply lines to finally uninstall the old heating unit.
  2. Mounting the new heating unit in place (30 minutes). This includes unboxing the new hot water heater and moving it to the location of installation followed by placing the water heater at the correct place.
  3. Connecting the system (45-60 minutes). This includes connecting the hot water heater to sources of power and water. Usually, connecting an electric model takes shorter than the gas water heaters.

Like any plumbing activity, the above-mentioned timelines are only approximate and real time scenario may require slightly longer or shorter time duration. Therefore, always consult only professionally certified plumbers to undertake the task. Check out Bradford White Water heater and Rheem Water heater reviews for more understanding of the products.


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