Best Instant Hot Water Heater for 2017

On Demand Hot Water Heater (Buying Guide) 2017

If you are looking for on demand hot water at your place then you must be looking for some good instant water heaters which provides you hot water whenever you need. Instant hot water heater is always better than water heaters with a tank as they save you a lot on your utility bills. Moreover they are ready with hot water every time you need. They do not make you wait until the complete tank is heated and then the warm water runs through the tap.

Instant water heater or tankless water heater is saviours that is ready with hot water whenever it is required. They also consume less space than a tanked water heater, so if you do not have much space to fit a giant heater in your bathroom; just grab an instant water heater soon.

How does these on demand water heater works?

The on demand water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. When you turn the hot water tap on the cold water flows through the pipe where either the gas or electric element heats the water. So by this procedure you get instant hot water without any considerable wait time.

Generally tankless water heater provides hot water at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. The instant hot water heater that runs of gas provides better flow rates than the ones that run on electricity. These tankless water heaters can be used for laundry, dishwashing as well. In fact it is feasible to install an on demand water heater for your laundry and dishwashing as the hot water will flow through the tap whenever you need it.

Instant Hot water heater Selected based on Top Rating

To help you chose the best for your home, we have compiled a list of cheap and affordable on demand hot water heater. You can check them on their specifications and select the most appropriate for you.

Instant Hot Water Heater by Rheem RTEX-13 240V

The Rheem RTEX instant water heater is by far the most popular and top rated tankless water heater in the market. This model is the updated one and the quality is better than the previous model. This model is an ideal choice for one shower households and it is a deadly choice if you are living alone. As RTEX is a new model it is equally sturdy and efficient as the previous one and above all, it comes with user friendly controls and the durability is any time better than the previous model.

The hot water heater is also good for couples and it is also a good option for guest suite or washroom. The model which was launched just before this did not live up to the brand reputation of Rheem water heaters but this new model is not just good, it is much more better.

Major Highlights:

  • It has a maximum flow rate of 4 GPM which is just the best for the price paid.
  • This is ideal for one shower households or for homes with dual showers with 1.5 GPM low flow fixtures.
  • One should not forget that it is the most compact unit available in the market. And it is an ultra compact water heater that can be installed practically anywhere in your house.
  • Rheem RTEX hot water heater is cheap and energy efficient.
  • It comes with a digital temperature display, easy installation and easy replacement terms.
  • It weighs just 8.5 pounds and the dimensions are 4 x 9 x 13 inches.

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Electric Instant Hot Water Heater By EcoSmart ECO 27

This is one of the sturdiest and the most powerful electric hot water heater we could get for you. This water heater is even is designed to handle on demand water heating even in the coldest climate. Under a warm climate it can handle all fixtures at your home. Many of the users used it as a single unit for their cabins, lake houses and other vacation properties. The price is quite affordable for the benefits it is offering and it is a great pick for a medium household with more demand for hot water.

Major Highlights:

  • Ecosmart instant hot water heater can provide a flow rate of 3 GPM in colder climate and 6 GPM is warm temperature areas. This is a considerably great size for the price given.
  • The ecosmart instant water heater adjusts its power usage and pressure settings so that you get consistent hot water running through your taps.
  • This unit is energy efficient and thus will save you a lot on your utility bills.
  • The best of all is that it has a lifetime warranty which is by far the best warranty in any instant water heater available in the market.

This Ecosmart instant water heater has received good reviews and we have seen that people who used the lifetime warranty were also satisfied after their unit was repaired. This unit is a great choice for most of the households, especially for those who need a little more from the instant water heaters.

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Ecosmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric On Demand Water Heater

This is another terrific instant hot water heater from the house of Ecosmart. This unit is proved to have saved 60% of our costs incurred on heating water. Trust us, you will never run out of hot water once you have this unit installed at your place. It is a compact machine which will not acquire much space and as compared to other similar models like Rheem instant water heater or Marey hot water heaters, this one will save your space up to 12 cubic feet.

What more it has to offer it comes with 1 year warranty on all spare parts. For the price you will pay this is a good choice. An affordable affair!!

Major Highlights:

  • It saves you a lot of space.
  • Weighs just 4 pounds and dimensions are 7x11x2.75.
  • It is specifically designed for under the sink, single application with a flow rate of 0.5 GPM.
  • The heater has a control over the flow, which means temperature of the water will adjust according to the flow.
  • This is perhaps the smallest size in the models for tankless water heaters,
  • Ideal for spaces like under the sink, wet bars, strip malls, recreational vehicles, bathroom sinks, swimming shower area etc.

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Instant Hot Water Heater By Navien NPE-240

Here we bring to your notice another top rated tankless water heater that will save you on your electricity bill as this on demand water heater will run on natural gas. This is one of the best brands who provides on demand water heaters and have been manufacturing water heaters for over a decade. The first water heating equipment was manufactured in 1978 and till now they have a clean reputation in the market.

This very model of hot water heaters is built with state of art technology and has received nothing but good reviews. The Navien tankless water heater is known for being one of the company’s most powerful products. This is the most powerful models till now and is a premium condensing model.

Major Highlights:

  • This is a powerful unit that can cater to a household with 7 bathrooms.
  •  This is a very user friendly model and supports natural gas as well as propane gas.
  • The configuration and controls are similarly easy and the warranty life is just unbeatable.
  • It provides a continuous flow of hot water at the speed of 11.2 gallons per minute at a rise of 45 degrees.

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Electric On Demand Water Heater By Marey 240V

Marey instant water heaters are the most on demand water heaters and are quite popular among the users. Apart from the smart technology, it avoids the usage of excess temperature and hence saves you on your electric bill. This is a new model out in market with complete stainless steel finish. It is not only cost friendly but it is environment friendly as well.

Major Highlights:

  • Made with stainless steel that guarantees long life to the product.
  • It is a water heater that adjusts itself according to your needs. You can set up your desired output temperature of water.
  • It is provide to save electricity up to 60% and is thus energy efficient.
  • It is made with patent and innovative technology and it is one of its kinds in the market that doesn’t get sediments.
  • It provides a water flow of 5.5 gallons per minute

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The Final Verdict

After a long read you might feel confused as to what you should purchase. We would suggest you to sit and relax and find out your personal requirement; jot down the points and then compare the given models and all instant water heater reviews. This way you would be better able to make a good decision for an on demand instant water heater.

All of these models are tested for performance and you can trust them blindly. Our team has personally looked into specifications and have brought forward the best we could find for you. For more reviews and ratings we have chosen top 5 bradford white water heater here.


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