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Planning for your long-pending vacation and camping in your Recreational Vehicle RV this season?

Want to make sure you and your family never get denied of a much deserved soothing warm shower at the end of a tiring outdoor day?

Then it’s time to get rid of your conventional tank water heaters and get your RV upgraded with the latest instant-on Tankless hot water heaters. Gone are the days where you patiently waited for the cozy pain-relieving hot water shower. These modern latest gen continuous flow tankless water heaters are a must-have in your RV. So, what are we waiting for, come let’s get your vacation planning underway by taking at a look at the top rated RV Tankless Water Heaters available in the market currently.

Best 5 Tankless Water Heaters for RVs

Aquaking Outdoorsman

If you are looking for ultra-affordable and portable tankless water heater for your RV, the Aquaking Outdoorsman is your best bet. Weighing a mere 10lbs this is one of the few lighter tankless water heaters available in the market. This coupled with its compact size makes it an ideal choice for RVs.

The heater is powered by propane (LPG) and the ignition comes from two D cells (not included in the package thoughL). It is hassle free to get the heater installed as it can be easily patched with the existing water connection in the water heater cabinet.

A clean flat white façade with three knobs gives an aesthetic appeal to this quality tankless water heater. The Summer-Winter settings allows for setting the temperature of water suitable for your needs. All the connections are ½” pipe thread, so make sure to get size reducers in case your hoses are of larger diameter.

And no wonder this one of the highly rated and fast moving RV Tankless Water Heaters in Amazon.

EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

The EZ 101 is another all-rounder in the affordable Tankless Water Heater for RV segment. At a little less than 200 dollars, this is sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s get things clear first, this water heater is not for indoor/residential mounting. It will operate on standard Propane tank and requires not electrical plug-in.

Weighing only 14lbs, makes it very portable and easy to get installed in your RV. With dimensions of 5x12x17 this heater is compact and doesn’t take much of your cabinet space either. And like the Aquaking, the EZ Water Heater has a clean and simple façade with 3 knobs controlling water temperature, water flow and flame.

The automatic ignition system helps in energy savings in the long run. Two D cells supply the ignition electrical source. With an output water flow rate around 1.5-2 gallons per minute, this is your ideal for a long hot shower.


PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

Want a long-lasting, ultra-portable and compact tankless water heater for your RV  trailer, caravan or cabin don’t look any further, the PrecisionTemp RV-500 will be your ideal choice.

At a little over 1000 dollars, this is one of the few high end tankless water heaters available in the market. But you are sure to save on your water and energy bills in the long run with this lightweight compact 32-pound heater.

The RV-550 comes integrated with an automatic gas modulation and consistent temperature control systems that ensure ideal gas usage based on water flow rate and temperatures. It also comes with a built-in freeze protection mechanism, making it ideal for usage in all seasons.

It is easy to get the RV-550 wall mounted, and you will need to plug it in a 12V DC power source for the electrical ignition and freeze protection to be active. The RV-550 comes in standard white color, but you also get a silver aluminum door version on request.

Camp Chef Triton 10L Portable Water Heater

The Camp Chef Triton is a powerful, convenient and reliable mid-range tankless water heater available in the market currently. At a little over 200 Dollars it is quite pocket friendly as well.

Our experts who reviewed the product were quite impressed with the build quality, performance and looks of this portable water heater. We are sure you are bound to be impressed as well. The glossy silver finish gives an aesthetic appeal to the heater.

With an output hot water flow rate of 10 gallons per minute, it sure meets the showering needs. The heater comes with a shower head included. The shower head has 4 settings namely off, mist, shower and jet to suit your showering mood.

Another noteworthy feature of this beast of a water heater is that it comes with a regulator that allows you to connect to bulk propane tanks. And as always, the electrical ignition comes from two D batteries. Good choice for electric tankless water heater this time.

Marey Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for a water heater that simply gets the job done, then Marey Gas 10L is your ideal choice. Weighing 21 pounds the unit is quite portable and compact for your RV.

The Marey Gas 10L comes with two fuel options: LPG and Normal Gas (NG). It has a quite impressive output flow of 3.1gallons per minute for both the LPG and NG variants. Our experts who reviewed the product found it to be highly energy saving with an efficiency of 50-80%.

Automatic detection of water flow and temperature helps in keeping the energy consumption down as well. The Marey Gas 10L gets ticked for all the feature that you would expect of a mid-range water heater. It’s a great tankless gas water heater  solution for RV as well as your outdoor water needs.


Check RV Tankless Water Heater Parts and Accessories:

More often than not Tankless Water Heaters are exposed to extreme and rough weather conditions which makes them prone to rusting and corrosion. And getting a replacement or spare would be very difficult when you are out of town camping or trekking.

It is advisable to have a stock of basic spares for your Water Heater. Parts such as hose connectors, shower heads, drain pans, vent pipes, condensate traps, gas and water pressure regulators.

Also good to have a backup of D batteries for battery powered ignition types and a power adapter in case of 12V DC supply.

RV Water Heater Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide:

As in any water heater, proper maintenance and servicing is of paramount importance to keep it running smooth. Listed below are the common issues that our experts often come across RV water heaters

  • No heating
  • Water either too hot or cold
  • Noisy burner
  • Ignition problem with the burner
  • Low water pressure
  • Bad odour from the heater faucet

Most of the times, the above problems are due to worn out parts, blockages and residue formation in the hose and containers.

The Tankless Water Heater Drain Pans that come with the original heater often rust and corrode away after few years.  The Camco 11470 Tankless Water Heater Drain Pan is one of the best replacement drain pans available in the market.


Conventional oversized water heaters are a thing of the past now. It’s time to move on to these energy and space saving tankless water heaters. Though the initial setup costs are higher than your conventional water heaters, they more than make up for that with the high energy savings in the long run. And for a RV that has limited water cabinet space the tankless water heaters are great and a must-have.

So, skim through our other related posts on RV Waterless Heaters and make an informed decision on choosing the right heater for your RV that fits your needs and budget. Happy camping and enjoy your warm shower.


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