The Best Water Heater Expansion Tanks

Is it really difficult to give a longer life to your water heater tank? To be honest, at my end it was until I came to know about the water heater expansion tanks for the tanked water heaters.

The problem with water heater with tank is that while heating, they put stress on the plumbing pipes. The mechanism works like:

  • When your heater is turned on and water starts heating, water expands due to thermal expansion.
  • Due to this extra volume of water is created.
  • For example, standard 50 gallon will expand to approximately 52 gallons and thus the extra 2 gallons puts pressure on plumbing pipes.

To solve these issues we have water heater expansion tanks at our disposal.

5 Top Rated Water Heater Expansion Tanks

Falcon 2.1 Water Heater Expansion Tank

Water heater expansion tanks are a great help in extending the life of your current water heater. Although if you are using modern, tankless water heaters you will not have to use any water heater expansion tank. This expansion tank for water heater from Falcon is one of the most sturdy and affordable expansion tanks we came across.

It is a portable expansion tank with 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. The water chamber is made up of 100% butyl rubber and it is lined with polypropylene which gives it a longer life. Made from stainless steel, this expansion tank is a worthy addition to your water heater. This water heater expansion tank can support any water heater with a tank size of 50 gallons. The reviews of this water heater expansion tank have received accolades from our readers and it is one of the top-rated expansion tanks for water heater in this range. It is an easy to install unit and so it will save you on the installation costs. The Falcon water heater expansion tanks have always turned up on the promise. With a longer life than other expansion tanks, this is the ideal choice for your 50 gallons water heater.

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Rheem RRT-12 Expansion Tank for hot water heaters

It is always advisable that you should use Rheem spare parts for your Rheem hot water heaters. It is so because the life of your heating units increases. Rheem water heater expansion tank supports a hot water heater with a size of 50 gallons. It is obvious that this is a compact expansion tank for compact and sleek water heaters with a size of 5 gallons. This expansion tank can also be a good extension to your under sink water heater with a small size.

It is an easy to install expansion tank that comes with clear instruction of installations. This hot water heater expansion tank is well made and looks great. As an extension it will not look gaudy in your house. Weighing as less as 2 pounds, their dimensions are 15 x 15 x 16 inches. So even if you do not have much space to hook it up, this expansion tank will adjust in a small corner and does the work for you.

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AMTROL ST-5 Thermal Expansion Tank for water heater

When the domestic water is heated, thermal expansion occurs. The thermal expansion results in increase in pressure on the relief valves and if left unchecked can cause health hazards. Amtrol thermal expansion tank absorbs the expanded hot water and thus keep you at a safe level. This expansion tank for water heater is designed to control pressure build up in closed hot water systems.

This series of potable water expansion tanks from Amtrol is designed and made in USA. With an inner antimicrobial lining, the tank has the ability to neutralise bacteria formation and hence maintains the hygiene itself. The complete system is made of stainless steel and it is NSF 61 approved. This hot water heater expansion tank provides the industry’s highest 50 psi precharge.

This is ideal expansion tank for your place. It automatically sends the water back to the system after the hot water is used. It will protect your water heaters, faucets and plumbing fixtures with great easy. The installation is easy and hassle free. The hot water heater expansion tank prevents the relief valve from opening up due to extra pressure created by the expanded water and hence saves your energy and keeps you and your family safe.

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AMTROL ST-12 Thermal Expansion Tank

This is another thermal expansion tank which will easily support your 4.4 gallon hot water heater. This is one of the top-rated water heater expansion tanks available in this price range. For the features provided this is one of the best and affordable expansion tanks for your water heaters.

As stated above, this is one from the therm Xtrol series and stands on all the industry parameters of quality and individuality. These expansion tanks are ideal for your houses with under the sink and compact water heaters. The expansion tanks once installed eliminates energy wastage and thus saves on your monthly utility bill. As the pressure goes up in the normal water heater, there is great chance of valve bursting, this hot water heater expansion tank will prevent the dangerous pressure build up and will also stop the relief valve from going off. The water heater expansion tanks prevent water spillage which is a health hazard for homeowner.

This is the best choice for you if you have small size water heaters and you need a tank to support and increase the life of your water heater.

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Watts DET-5 2.1 G Potable Water Expansion Tank

This is one too is an ideal hot water expansion tank for your water heater of size 50 gallons. Our experts have gone through all the possible reviews for this expansion tank and have come up with their inputs on it.

This is a sturdy and robust model of expansion tank to facilitate better heating in your homes. Your 50 gallon water heater will not leak with the expanded water once you install this expansion tank. It is a powerful unit that absorbs the extra water created during the thermal expansion and thus prevents the relief valve from going off.

If you are seriously suffering from short life of your water heater, dishwasher or washing machine; or you finding it tough to handle leaking faucets or running toilets then this expansion tank is the best way out for you.

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Our Final Verdict

To solve the issues of leaking water heaters and dripping faucets, the concept of hot water heater expansion tanks have gained importance now a days. The potable water expansion tank should be checked for all features before installing it at your place. We want you to be safe always and hence our team of review experts have come up with the best expansion tanks for you to read.

Read, research, install the best and stay healthy always!!


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